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‘Maremma Vegana’ a Delicious Happy Hour by Probios at Festambiente

From the 4th to the 14th August, Ripescia (GR), a pretty place, 4km far from the “white beach” of the Tyrrhenian coast, becomes animated thanks to the rich program of FestAmbiente, an event that, since 1989, animates the summer in the Maremma Toscana. Every year, here, you can celebrate the environmental friendly event by Legambiente, one of the most important events of our territory, that last year hosted more than 70000 visitors.

Legambiente, an environmentalist association which is consolidated on the national territory, aims to safeguard the territory through information, explanations and controversy: fight against unauthorized development, environmental education, solidarity and safeguard of the environment are just some of the main topics the association struggles about.

On an ecological point of view, FestAmbiente is definitely one of the main events of the entire world: many seminars, workshops, meetings and activities about the safeguard and protection of the environment are scheduled. During the festival, healthy eating is an important topic and is the protagonist of many activities: tasting of local, organic, km 0 products in the restaurant areas, and the possibility to participate for free to guided tastings of excellent products, with the possibility to talk with the producer of the product itself. Among those activities, also shows and concerts of famous artists.

Probios, the Tuscan company leader in the distribution of organic vegetarian products, that for more than 25 years has been promoting the cultivation of raw materials in respect of people and nature and that dedicates itself also to the production and distribution of products for special food needs, will be present at the event as a memorable sponsor. Probios will offer its Biogustì’s products, its organic products, the Senatore Cappelli snacks from La Via del Grano and the sauces and condiments from Il Nutrimento, in occasion of the happy hour at the end of the event “Maremma Vegana”, scheduled for the 12th august from 8pm to 9pm.

Maremma Vegana is a workshop created and presented by Lorenzo “Veg” Lombardi – author, web and tv popularizer, and also journalist for La Nuova Ecologia, friend of Probios since years – as all Festambiente’s staff. Since years, Lorenzo dedicates himself to vegan ethics, but also to vegan economy. At the workshop, together with Chef Palloni (that for years has been collaborating with Probios) and Chef Capano (Festambiente’s chef), with doc. Garzitto, dietician and vegan food expert, and with the national LAV president Gianluca Felicetti, Probios will participate too, as the Italian leader company in the distribution of organic vegan products.

Another key point of Probios’ products, and in particular of Il Nutrimento’s ones, is the constant research of short supply chain, of the evaluation of Italian agriculture and, moreover, of Tuscany. The meeting will put under the spotlights the importance of the vegan choice on ethics and health, but will also include lighter moments where the chefs could challenge themselves on recipes with kale, one of the typical products of Tuscany, that Probios, combining the innovation and the tradition, used to prepare Il Nutrimento’s pestos.
Il Nutrimento, found in 1990 and now part of the Probios Group, is a manufacturing company that processes organic fresh veggies, seasoned and prepared to give life to the products of the Italian tradition. Il Nutrimento produces in facts sauces, pestos, flavored oils, capers, bruschettas and olives or veggies spreads, using the ancient methods to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic values of the ingredients. Every recipe is inspired by the ancient and precious family recipe book, that contains the secrets of the traditional recipes.

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