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Canalizing Always Sends a Positive and Useful Message?

Canalizing always sends a positive and useful message?

This is an important spiritual theme.
In an age of awakening of consciousness, the spiritual gifts "vibrate" and the contact between these invisible spiritual worlds to the physical senses. We are surrounded by messages received through ducts of various kinds.
The messages are sometimes conflicting, sometimes interesting, sometimes manifestly false.
But the more interesting topic, also raised by Steiner and others, is the following:

It is not difficult to get in touch with worlds and spiritual beings. In fact, we live in the middle and just open up to some calls for them. Sometimes you just turn on a tape recorder ... or get in meditation, or take a pen in hand with shett of paper and close your eyes ...

The real problem is figuring out with whom, with what beings, with which forces one comes in contact. Why the invisible worlds are filled with beings of all kinds, and not all directly favorable to our growth, for our good, for our evolution. What is really important is to determine who is telling us something, what is its quality and what his intentions ...

In our materialistic age emerges often the injury - in those approaching spirituality without having a mature experience - that everything that comes from the supersensible is in itself good and positive received a message from the unseen, I had a vision, I heard a
inner voice speaking to me, and then they are also true and good ...

But it is not so ... you must have the tools to orientate in these worlds, otherwise we remain victims of many pitfalls, the ego, the ego of others, or of beings who want to condition and restrain us. And it is particularly important that those who are the recipients of these forms of communication are pure in their heart, with a mature and balanced thought, and have a significant ethical tension. Otherwise it will attract beings and messages that deceive, exploit and reinforce their ego side. Creating further damage in their entirety and submitting manipulators elements that are not positive for those who come into contact with them.

Fausto Carotenuto
President of Consciousness on the Net