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Summer has arrived! Let’s make food our ally against excessive heat

We've been waiting for months (never like this year) and finally the summer has arrived! June 21 marks the beginning of the longed-for summer, the most awaited and desired season, which brings sun, fun, relaxation and hot... so hot! Precisely for this reason, summer is the right time to lighten a little our diet, choosing low-fat foods and above all taking advantage of the richness in vitamins and minerals of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Makeover for Probios

A new graphic design, to enhance the usual quality

In the summer of 2019 take the field to clean up the Italian beaches from plastic!

The plastic war has begun. We are only at the first step but fundamental. Probios has limited its consumption by company policy and is planning other numerous initiatives in this regard.


World Environment Day: June 5 confirms the importance of choosing organic

World Environment Day: June 5 confirms the importance of choosing organic


Interview with Alessia Torrini, Digital Marketing Manager at Probios S.p.A.

 Alessia Torrini, our Digital Marketing Manager, tells us about her work at Probios


World Meat Free Day: an invitation to avoid meat for a day

The World Meat Free Day aims to raise awareness about the negative environmental impact of meat consumption and to encourage people to preserve valuable natural resources by carving out a meat free day (at the same time, Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney have launched the Meat Free Monday, an initiative that invites you to eat vegetarian at least one day a week).


Probios half-moon

 Celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing as an opportunity to reaffirm our values

Taste, experience and quality in the hearth of the new probios advertising campaign


is the message of our new corporate communication campaign

Moms at work: the story of Elisa Favilli, Marketing Manager at Probios

Sunday May 12th is Mother’s Day, which has always been reminding us of the most important woman in every person’s life. From century to century the universal desire to thank mothers has remained unchanged, recognizing them both as parents and as cornerstone for social evolution. This day also aims to help employers see women not just as workers, but also as mothers.

Mens sana in corpore sano: discovering our organic company canteen!

In order to keep body and mind active and healthy, proper nutrition is essential, even when consumed during work days.

In the hectic life of modern society, many meals are consumed outside the home. The lucky ones can take advantage of school or company canteens that in recent years are increasingly adding organic, thanks also to the Ministry of Agricultural Policies decree, which establishes certified organic canteens and promises incentives (44 million euros until 2021) for those who exceed a certain amount of organic products in the meals given.

Probios is not just a company that produces organic food, this choice comes from an ethics of welfare, state of well-being, of the environment and of the person: we can’t think of making the general public aware of the well-being and correct lifestyles issues if we don’t begin to promote and share them from within, taking care of those who contribute to making us a successful company. And since a conscious diet starts right from the lunch break, it’s necessary to pay attention to these sometimes hurried meals.

In our organic company canteen, we use our products in preparations, giving priority to those under expiration to avoid waste. The menus are designed by specialized chefs who use seasonal vegetables and fruits from farm to table, but another important goal of the canteen is to educate to eat healthy and to adopt correct eating behaviors that will continue even outside of work.

And since physical activity is complementary to good nutrition, besides the canteen, Probios has activated a gym space where, after working time, employees and collaborators can take advantage of the equipment provided. The space also lends itself to numerous initiatives aimed at training such as cooking classes, conferences and anything else that can respond to the Probios group spirit.

Let’s always remember that, inside or outside the home, what we put on our plate helps to improve us and the world around us.


Your eco-friendly pantry

Discover Probios' new household ecological and compostable lines and abandon bad habits!

The Earth belongs to everyone, but to each his own glass!

Probios celebrates Earth Day by promoting an anti-waste corporate initiative

Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22 to raise public awareness of the central issue that unites all humanity: protecting our home from the destruction we have been forcing on for centuries. This is the largest environmental demonstration on the planet, an occasion where all the world citizens come together to celebrate the Earth and promote its preservation.

The idea of setting up an “Earth Day” was first discussed in 1962, but it definitely took shape in 1969 following the environmental disaster caused by the oil spill from the Union Oil well off Santa Barbara, California. It’s concretely achieved on April 22, 1970 as a university movement to emphasize the need for conservation of the earth’s natural resources. As time passes, and thanks to the spread of the internet, the founding spirit of Earth Day and overall its celebration are promoted globally, becoming an educational and informative event.

Earth Day Italy supports the intent to create a network of people, associations, realities of all kinds to share with the aim of promoting the establishment of a new environmental awareness. It’s a moment of celebration, but also an opportunity to inform about the environment state and give advice on how to pollute less and preserve ecosystems.
The adoption of new policies and international agreements are the basis for reducing the causes of global warming but, in 1970 as today, much of the responsibility falls on each of us and on a more responsible use of the available resources.

Probios, which has been always sharing and supporting the values that animate this event, commits itself every day to implement more responsible behavior towards the environment. Already in the name of the company (from the Greek PRO – in favor of, and BIOS – life, in favor of life) are contained the principles and values that have been guiding the people who work there since the beginning and that continue to inspire its path of growth, in the belief that selling organic products is not just a business, but favors behaviors that contribute to making our world better.

In the wake of this broad vision, starting from April 15, an internal initiative was implemented that involves the elimination of the disposable cups in the coffe machine: each employee can choose to use his own cup, thanks to the use of automatic hot drink dispensers installed at Probios, which will be equipped with a photocell for the use of “Property Mugs/Cups”, thus avoiding waste and banning the use of plastic materials. A drop in the sea… but the sea is made of drops!

Earth Day should be every day because, as a Native American proverb reminds us:

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”.

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Probios, the Italian leader in the distribution of vegetarian organic foods, has been promoting the cultivation of raw materials with respect for humans and nature for over 35 years and for many years has also been creating and marketing product lines suitable for people who need to follow special diets.

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