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Quality Answers: Legumes and Vegetables in Can

Every now and then due to lack of time I do cunsume corn and peas in the can, choosing always your's because they're Italian and because for me they are the best.
A strange thing happened to me recently by opening the can of peas. Pulling the tab I heard a strange noise as if it kind of a gas came out. Also there was no fluid retention.
What happened? Is this ok?

The peas in can Probios cans are vacuum packed with no mechanical mode but with a thermal process at 85 ° C for 13 minutes.
It might happen that in some cans the vacuum created may be excessive: this does, from a qualitative point of view, ensure the product even better, but on the other hand may have created the effect she described at the time of opening the can.
The fact is that the present liquid is absolutely regular, in fact it isn't a product immersed in water. In the vacuum can the liquid is reduced and often absorbed by the product. To counteract this characteristic opening, with easy open technology, has been obtained from the supplier of can to two "breaks" so that the lifting of the lid will mute this effect.