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Fraud in the Bio: the Official Probios Response

Dear Customer, you've got to learn from the media scandal that involved these days the world of Italian organic. The organic market is growing and as it happens also the growing greed of criminals are ready to take advantage. The companies involved are not those who work in our industry historically, the goods offending is related to products for animal husbandry, in the period 2007-2009, these cereals (wheat) from abroad is not Italian. Our company as you may know, a few years ago is working to ensure as much as possible Italian raw materials, in particular for cereals and legumes widely grown in our country, of which we remind the Italian provenance prominently on the label. This we do is to promote organic agriculture in our country, that we remind you, is one of Europe's largest manufacturers, both for greater control over our ingredients. This fact allows us a closer cooperation with the manufacturers and distributors of organic raw materials with which we work to ensure quality and integrity certificate. As members of the Governing Council Assobio (an association that gathers the biggest organic producers and distributors Italian), we were aware of this scandal, and we have actively cooperated in the investigation that is giving very important help to draw up new disciplinary and a code of ethics searching to avoid these serious events. All this does not diminish the seriousness of what has happened, we are outraged and humiliated as the hard work of many professionals who work with passion in our industry is jeopardized by unscrupulous cheater. Trying to give concrete answers to many consumers of organic products, as Assobio we have prepared this poster that you will find attached here. The aim of the association is to protect the work of the many honest companies that are working hard for years to promote organic farming in our country with the wish that the strength of our responses are a concrete act to remove shadows from the biological Italian and many companies that did work for their bio passion, I cordially greet President Fernando Favilli Group Probios