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A Letter and a Poem by a Consumer who Loves the Real Made in Italy.. We Share with You!

Falconara 17/10/2011 Dear Food Industry, I am a citizen consumer and customer. I wish to congratulate the leaders in the production of this firm because using Italian raw materials. If all the national food industries would do so there wouldn’t be today the scourge of abandonment of land and stables with consequent instability of the land and impoverishment of the rural population and not, as he remarked, after Report, the beautiful TV broadcast Riccardo Iacona „Presa diretta“ 9/10/2011. Recently Professor Romano Prodi spoke about this serious problem in his first lesson of economics television dedicated to young people. But the European Union, in its bankruptcy agricultural policy, bestows lavish public financing for large enterprises and abandon unproductive and productive small farmers and honest ranchers at the mercy of criminal speculation of multinationals and large-scale distribution, leaving many casualties on the ground. But I hope that consumers also participate responsibly in this world food war by arming the weapons (a few, but good) at their disposal. One of these is the labeling that determines the origin of raw materials and that inside this company, I hope imitated by many others, does well to highlight along with our flag today despised by ministers unworthy and inept to government, that our sacrifices unfairly increasingly demanding retain the privilege and in a personalistic lethal semi-idleness for the country. It a winning strategy in my opinion bypass nebulae European provisions to ensure the product and the local work that needs to be equitable, sustainable and legally supported also in Italy, especially now that our country has entered the crosshairs of the cannibalism of global finance that continues his tireless mission of globalizing poverty. If in fact a variety of food industries would declare the Italian origin of the raw materials it is obvious that those who do not declare their supplies elsewhere and should therefore be boycotted by the responsible consumer, after the awareness campaign on the theme of the short chain, considering both the economic and employment factor of food and healthy. With my thanks and my best wishes to this company and the Bel Paese, which to his misfortune is not among its best sons of the elect „poltronificio“ I send my poem "Made in Italy" dedicated to Italian products, to those who produce and those who buy it. And Viva Italy forever. With respect and sympathy, Fiorella Corinaldesi
Among so much old stuff to throw a give I saved a small blackened mocha because it was written "made in Italy", what stubbornly I try to find it always more less do find. In that writing are inscribed the sacrifice of honesty and pride of our grandparents and our parents who work with their creativity and have honored the land of their fathers off their country. In this writing I do recognize Mazzini, Garibaldi, Italian Unification and the redemption of the Italians that sad millions over the centuries have suffered humiliations, invasions and migrations. In that writing is contained a rich legacy that our children can in turn pass on to posterity by showing what life with love have been able to achieve. That brand is not protected, and that offends me, to whom that law, imposes taxes and spends them badly. And for a mess of pottage other speculators even designer, what currency without coinage, even in low-sell it to the devil. The banks with the savings have our rice, give money only to those saints in heaven, who sells and light today means to earn a hundred times more than those who risk and produce. So in addition to the fresh brain researchers are on the run companies of excellence, the heart of our nation, but leave them as is yet another dementia. My Italy, yet I hope in you and love you so much even if you're a hostage of parasites and pimps hostel so that overseas they call You Bordello Italy. To the sovereign-citizens who can not even choose the elect are accused elsewhere Mafia complicity. Foreigners do not know that the birthplace of Dante's decent people everywhere sees resistance. The yield itself is not always an act of cowardice, it is sometimes the only hope of salvation that the purity of the brand is the enemy of incivility and rejects corruption, exploitation and greed. In the name of AMBROSE Mauri and LIBERO GRASSI, Fiorella Corinaldesi