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Probios Udinese Football for Food Education of Small Athletes

Friday, November 25, 2011 at 19.30 at the league match Udinese-Roma, will be held at the press center of the Friuli stadium, a conference devoted to small schoolchildren football Udine. During the conference, the young athletes will be able to know more about nutrition and sport thanks to the presence of Dot.ssa Cristina Right, biologist, nutritionist of Udinese Calcio and staff Probios who will present the organic diet. During the meeting, there will be given the opportunity for participants to ask questions and taste some of the Tuscany, to discover things that a healthy balanced diet does without dectracting from the taste! For the occasion, a booklet 'Sports & Nutrition, nutrition guide the young athletes' created thanks to the collaboration with Dr. Giusto, where families and young athletes who may find interesting ideas for a balanced diet and its support during their sports. With this activity Probios wants to draw attention once again on the right diet, especially in childhood, for a nutrition education that begins at an early age.