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A 99% Tasty and Healthy Snack: Crispy Crackers 99% Pulses

Christmas holidays are already a memory and the latest weeks have been for all of us defined by detox and depurative food to get back in shape before summer. However, the desire of tasty snacks cannot be eliminated, even if we still try to remind us to only eat healthy and genuine food.

Do we really need to give up to a pleasant moment of greediness?
Thanks to Probios, you will not be forced to say no anymore, thanks to the innovative Crispy Cracker with Chickpeas, made with chickpeas flour, lentils flour and peas flour, also perfect as an alternative to bread.

The extra value of these crackers is that they are yeast free, with no added fats and they’re a great source of protein, precious allies for our organism, thanks for their recipe made with 99% pulses. Moreover, they’re gluten free with crossed ear logo.

They’re extremely crunchy and perfect with some spreadable cream on top.
They’re the perfect and functional snack for every part of the day, and also the perfect option to be served with your main courses, for a light meal.