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New Probios gluten-free products arriving in May

We have always believed in a balanced diet, respecting nature but never forgetting that food is a right for everyone, even for those suffering from food intolerances or pathologies. For this reason, in our vast range of organic foods there have always been foods suitable for people with food problems, constantly looking for new recipes and combinations that make them tastier and suitable for the whole family.

In May, the gluten-free products range goes to enrich breakfasts and imaginative first courses that can be pleasantly combined with the great variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables that nature gives us in this period.

On the rich table in the morning, next to corn flakesrice biscuitsdonuts with chocolate chips and plum-cake, here are two new delights: the “Cantuccini” with almonds and the buckwheat “Krumiri”.

Following the dictates of the ancient Tuscan regional recipe, the dairy-free Cantuccini with almonds, produced with eggs and almonds, crunchy and delicious are perfect for breakfast to accompany tea, coffee, vegetable drinks, juices but also as desserts soaked in Vin Santo or in a sweet wine.

Even the buckwheat Krumiri come from a regional tradition, the Piedmontese one. From the mid-nineteenth century their particular shape is inspired by the mustache of King Vittorio Emanuele II and are biscuits worthy of a royal breakfast. Produced with buckwheat and oats,dairy and eggs-free, are perfect for any sweet break in the day, source of precious fibers, and like all guaranteed gluten free products are loanable from the National Health System.

The Italian tradition in the good pasta production is also our pride and for years we have been committed to creating gluten-free pastas that satisfy the consumer’s desire for goodness.

From May on the tables bloom as many as 6 new types of Probios gluten-free organic pasta: made from corn flour, in convenient 400g packs here are Penne, Conchiglie, Fusilli shapes, with a delicate flavor and suitable for capturing and enhancing every type of seasoning, and the funny corn Alphabet, excellent in broth or dry, perfect for the food tastes of the little ones.

Made from rice flour, two new formats, always in 400g packs: Maccheroncini and Fusilli, with excellent cooking properties and a consistency that makes them pleasing to the whole family.

And now let’s prepare a spring picnic with the new Probios products: gluten-free but at everyone’s taste!