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Probios and Idea Toscana: the perfect bond between food and beauty

Probios is the official distributor of the Cosmetic Brand for Face and Body Care “Idea Toscana”, made with organic Toscano PGI Extravirgin Olive Oil.

Conscious of the relationship between healthy eating and beauty, a new partnership has been established between two Tuscan companies: Probios, Italian leader in the distribution of vegetarian  organic products, and Idea Toscana, society established in 2002 with the intention of producing and commercializing Organic and Natural cosmetic products for personal use, gifts and decorative purposes. Two different companies, both connected by the love of their own territory and by the research of the highest quality, through an accurate selection of organic plant based raw materials.

Thanks to this collaboration, Probios has become the official distributor of Idea Toscana, in particular of the brand Prima Spremitura BIO, face products range, and of the Prima Spremitura body care range, both made with organic Toscano GPI Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is certified by the Consortium that nowadays reunites eleven thousand companies.

Thanks to the high content of minerals and other beneficial substances like the Eleuropein (antioxidant and regulator of the cell renewal), the Oleocantal (soothing properties), the Fitosteroles (“activating” and nourishing properties), the Squalene (protective and nourishing), the Polyphenols (antioxidant and anti radical), and Tocopherol (hydrating, anti inflammatory and soothing properties) this extraordinary oil, a real squeezing of olives, one in a kind, has great emollient and soothing properties. Already the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Etruscans and the Romans made extensive use of cosmetics of this precious raw material. This exclusively Mediterranean tradition has been handed down to these days and has since been synonymous with quality.
“For Probios, this partnership represents an important step forward to know more about the excellences of our territory through products of Idea Toscana, which is a unique reality that shares our same attention for the environment and the choice of the best plant based ingredients. The face line “Prima Spremitura BIO” contain in fact all of the properties of one of the best products of our territory, the Organic “Toscano PGI” Extra Virgin Olive Oil: a short supply chain product, 100% processed in Tuscany from the cultivation to the pressing and the bottling”, explains Fernando Favilli, CEO of Probios.

The face cosmetic line “Prima Spremitura BIO” is an innovation in natural cosmetics,  organic certified by Natrue. These extraordinary range provide, through their natural face products, the nourishment to reinforce the natural superficial layer of the skin, and to contrast the signs of ageing. The skin, deeply nourished, becomes smooth again, it shines and regains its natural tone.

The "Prima Spremitura" line formula, specially designed to ensure maximum effectiveness and delicacy, makes the use of these products a real sensory and olfactory experience for the well-being of our body. The line consists of about twenty-five products ranging from body detoxification to shampoo, individually available or in elegant gift packs.
"The history of a company and the constant research for the highest quality of products are indispensable values for us. That’s why we have found in Probios an excellent partner, leader in the organic food industry with a history of nearly forty years behind; a company that knows the value of real organic products and therefore has the necessary awareness to be able to appreciate it fully. This is why natural synergy is born." explains Antonio Pieri, co-founder of Idea Toscana.

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