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Tomato Pulp for Associazione Trame Africane Onlus

For years, Probios has been supporting Trame Africane, the non-profit organization born in 2001 thanks to the dream of a group of friends and volunteers: donating to those who live in bad conditions in Africa the concrete opportunity to be the creator of their own destiny through education, work, the creation of job opportunities and the construction of infrastructures.
The collaboration, now strong, has been supported in time by the initiatives of Trame Africane.
This year Probios decided to donate the whole income, apart from the logistic and commercial costs, of the fine tomato pulp “Probios per Trame” to the Association to contribute to the Machaka Project. In particular, the incomes will be donated to the initiative of the scholarships to support hundreds of young boys and girls in Machaka, Kenia, that attend the “Primary and Secondary School”, and many other young people who attend university.

Pasquale Coppola, president of the Association, explains the goals and the nature of this project.

Mr. Coppola, what are the goals of Associazone Trame Africane Onlus?

One of our main goals is to be an alternative to the other associations, since we are just real volunteers with a shared dream: giving to those who live in bad situations in Africa a real opportunity to take the lead on their own destiny and to be the protagonists of it. We are just volunteers: no structure cost, no incomes, no reimbursements, but the kindness and the efforts of many friends that choose to support us every day, to create a solidarity chain that grows every day. And this only happens thanks to the word on mouth, which is a miracle!

Next to that, the idea to develop an idea of authentic volunteering on the local territory: the one that is not only made of mere charity and donation, but the one that becomes fraternity and sharing. Volunteering means reciprocity and sharing, so that those who give don’t feel better, and those who receive don’t feel worse.

Moreover, giving a possibility to those who didn’t have it in Africa: a possibility to grow, study, heal, to regain their dignity, to realize their dreams.

What does the collaboration with Probios consists of?

To collaborate, the first thing you need to do is to share: Probios and Trame Africane share their values and ideals, that have always created a huge synergy among them.

For years in facts, Probios supports the initiatives of the Association such as the initiative of the Solidal Christmas, giving its products to prepare the baskets the association offers to the companies for their clients and employees, in occasion of festivities, sometimes involving its suppliers too.

It also supports and sponsors events on the tuscan territory to raise funds for the Machaka Project. And last, the initiative of the Polpa Probios per Trame realized in collaboration with Coppola SpA.

Your motto is “when you can do a lot with a few”: what is your message for those who will decide to support the Tomato Pulp “Probios per Trame”?

Even if a can of tomato pulp might seem “a few”, it could become a lot for those who don’t have anything. Behind a product there is the possibility yo give an opportunity to many young people to build a better future for themselves. And the demonstration that everything is possible is tangible: many young people who were bound to be invisibile have become professionists, doctors, teachers and, more than anything else, an example for their own community.

So, Probios per Trame, the good Pulp that does something good!!!

To know more and to donate, check the website: