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Poisoned Apples for a Sleeping Society


Almost all the products that are offered to us by the power (medicines, drugs, food, information, politics, economics, finance, science, culture, art, technology, thought forms, etc.) are in our time "poisoned apples".

That are offered to us to fall asleep ... to take money and pieces of soul. On the one hand they are made to seduce us, capturing our psyche facilitating us or something, but on the other - if we think about it - do harm us and rob us of freedom. Many foods are colorful, intriguing flavors, shapes and smell seductive .. they have ingredients in them that are bad for our health. We - expertly drawn by the witch on duty - buy them, without realizing their negative effects. A mobile phone facilitates communication of our lives, even if in fact it does not add much more, because what we said we needed to be said, however, even before ... We all use it for convenience, but its waves harm our neural circuits. Listen to music for hours at high volume in the headphones is nice and comforting, distracting and gives you company ... But the hearing in the long run will suffer ... And you end isolation for long periods by the important contact with people and with nature. How many times the big banks were offered financial products that seemed extremely attractive, but that turned out to be disappointing, if not disastrous ... The media emphasize a government and a party after another, who promise us many beautiful things in an attempt to seduce us and have our support, but then - got our consent and our vote - do nothing but the interests of the power elite on which they depend, and not the interests of the citizens ... We have medicines that remove pain, headache, and we buy them ... but these drugs suspend for a while the symptom, not at all remove the cause, and, moreover, they often do harm to other parts of our body ... the culture that is offered to us in the form of cinema, visual arts, literature, music, etc. ... is often made to hit our feelings ... But so many times it hurts our soul instead of helping it. Drugs, alcohol and gambling ... promise distractions, dreams, hopes to get better ... But inevitably there are bad: destroy organs, swell vices of the soul and ruin families ... We could go on and on: the list is endless of the daily poisoned apples. What can you do to escape this seductive sequence of traps? It must especially cultivate their awareness, grow their independent spirit, become competent and certainly ethical, directed to the good of all and of the Earth and its creatures. And then begin to identify with great attention the venom in each of the apples that are offered to us. Many must be rejected, other can only eat the good part, and also help others by showing them because we have rejected some apples and other ate only a part ... I should from time to time asking questions, verify, to not take for good what is offered to us only because it comes from a large organization, a government, a corporation, a fashion ... And find that we can find the right food, the best medicine, people - even in politics and finance - to trust, the artist or the movie that are good for our soul, the game or the distraction that does not make us evil ... To do this there will always be necessary an effort. But in that effort - the sum of those daily efforts - lies the secret of our growth. The poisoned apples, with their evidence, are there to raise our consciousness to the reaction. And so, a bit 'at a time, our spirit will be strong enough to be able to wake up that prince, kissing him with a higher consciousness, this Beautiful Sleeping society. So sleepy that looking ugly. Recognize carefully the poisoned apples around us ... study them well, with calm and determination, and we begin to escape their seductions identifying where the poison is subtly inserted by the witches of predators powers. The poison is the part that weakens our bodies - chipping away at our vital forces - or our soul, making us more selfish, less loving and increasing our defects of thought, feeling or will. Our free spirit is the only one able to heal the apples around us, and grows just so loving human society and the earth, with all its creatures, with the right tools to engage in this work of restoration, interior and outside. So one day we will have the really aware consciences and a truly better world.

It will be so, if we work well. Many principles to kiss a lot of sleeping souls ...

Fausto Carotenuto
President of Consciousness in Net