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The Focus: Vegan Ideas

Roberto Politi and Dora Grieco, both architects and designers, are vegan since many years. Partners in life and activism for animals, colleagues at work in various fields, from design to graphics, event planning, consulting for companies, vegan cooking classes.

How does the vegan choice arise? Why should people approach this type of power?
Roberto: the vegan choice is born from the awareness that we should respect the life and liberty of all sentient beings, regardless of the species, it should reflect in all aspects of daily life, including feeding. Vegan thatfor is not a diet, but a lifestyle that we want and we want to make to get to known and also promote, for example through the association Vegan Living Project Onlus, which we co-founded in 2001.
The most important reason that should lead people to "live vegan" in the first place is the ethical one.
Dora: eating vegetable ingredients and excluding all animal derivatives, has three important consequences: not causing suffering and/or death to other sentient beings, prevent some serious diseases, those defined by Dr. Luciana Baroni "diseases of affluence", reduce significant damage to the environment and our impact on the earth. Even the UN, many times, even recently drew attention especially on this last point.

Among your realized projects there is also Vegan Ideas, what is it?
Dora: Vegan Ideas is a logo that we devised to identify us and a group of professional collaborators to offer our work in the field of design and communication to companies and individuals sensitive to vegan issues. For us it’s a way to combine the vegan philosophy of life with work. Building owners and designers can now develop with maximum efficiency and syntony projects in line with the principles of respect for animals and the environment. From Vegan Ideas, more precisely by me together with Ilaria Beretta, recently was born Vegan Pages, a reference portal for anyone working towards vegan ( A portal for finding and to be found, to collaborate and to highlight how the vegan practice is expanding creating "peaceful" job opportunities. We have always considered the importance of combining the appearance of choice and ethic philosophy with practice and this is found a bit in all our projects.

How was the relationship with Probios born? Tell us about experience in production for the line govegan.
Roberto: At Sana 2013 we organized as vegan ideas, a cooking workshop in the Probios space. The recipes I have proposed have been loved and also appeared suitable to become packaged products in a new line that would be called, in fact, GOvegan. The development of the recipes, in view of the production, was for me an interesting and challenging experience, both from the gastronomic point of view and for the progect issues, basically not very different from those typical of the development of design objects.
Dora: Since we became vegan, in 1993, there are more and more fans to the kitchen without animal derivatives, stimulating us in the research for news and flavors. We've always lived it like a kitchen with an added value, rather than a kitchen "privated" of ingredients. From our passion stems the first book dedicated to the kitchen "The ethics sweet cooking , Edizioni Sonda." As the title suggests, it’s all dedicated to desserts, with the intent not to give up those typical preparations of classic pastry. Our satisfaction is to meet people who are enthusiastic about the results when put into practice the recipes.

How do you combine your creative work with the kitchen?
Roberto: The kitchen is a very suitable place to stimulate and exercise your creativity, especially if you start with new premises, as it is the case for those who are vegan. You discover new procedures and new raw materials to make all of the recipies as the original or those inspired by the traditional omnivorous cooking.
When I go into the kitchen, I start with an idea, I choose the ingredients and plan the combinations, shapes, flavors that I intend to achieve. So I join my training as a designer to that of a passion for cooking.
Dora: We are working at a new cookbook based on our own concept of "fooddesign." There is the idea, as well as the desire, we have to find the time to make it happen. Also because, in this case, a great attention to the composition of the plate and for the shoot will become necessary in addition to the conception and realization of the recipe. Aspects that we cared for also in the book of desserts.

About news, tell us about the new book "vegan recipes for celebrating" Terra Nuova Edizioni, your latest work.
Roberto: It 's a recipe book that includes sweet and savory preparations thought for special moments, when we want to devote a little more in the kitchen to prepare something different and a bit curious from the usual, for example, to offer to friends we have invited to dinner. But not for this those are complicated recipes and the ingredients are easy to find. It 'a book for everyone and also for all occasions. I gave particular importance to the preparation of the bases, confident that good premises will also stimulate variations to the recipes with the guarantee of a good result. In the book, moreover, there are recipes from carbonara to toasted seaweed or Tuscan style, mayonnaise yogurt, which are present in jar in the line GoVegan.