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Celiac Disease Boom in Italy: What Do the New Levels of Assistance Forecast?

According to the annual review of the Board of Health, that took place at the Parliament, the celiac people in Italy went from 64.398 in 2007 to 182.858 in 2015: they almost tripled in 8 years and increased of 11.000 units in just 2 years[1].

After analyzing those data, the new levels of assistance (LEA) were updated in order to incentivize the protection and the health assistance to homogenize the regional services, without asking the citizens to leave their residence.

The update anticipates that the celiac disease should  be moved from the list of rare diseases to the chronic and restrictive ones: this way, celiac people could benefit of any health performance regarding monitoring, complications and prevention of the aggravating issues of the disease.

Moreover, the market offers nowadays to celiac people a much wider choice of gluten free products, a dedicated restaurant service, that guarantees them to have gluten free meals also when they’re out, and a national law that promotes the prevention and the early diagnosis of the disease.

That’s the reason why Probios, on its side, offers a wide range of organic gluten free products.

Those gluten free products are guaranteed not to have been in contact with gluten throughout the whole manufacturing process, the content of gluten mustn’t be above 20ppm (parts for million or mg/kg). The guarantee could be given by the “gluten free” sign on the package, by the barred wheat released by AIC or by the registration to the National Health Ministry Register.