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How to rediscover nutrition balance on Spring

- We are like flowers before seeing the spring sun -

Do you remember the song? In Spring, we all wake up again, Nature and ourselves included. We feel new energies and the desire to purify us returns, the need to get back in shape, detoxifying the body from covid's culinary raids. A bit like taking off your winter coat to wear fresher, cleaner and lighter clothes. Ready to get out of the torpor that we are experiencing, today more than ever.

But to awaken the dormant energies during the winter, we must first do the "spring cleaning", paying attention to two specific areas of our body: the liver and intestines. The liver is very important at this stage of the year because it helps to process all excesses, while the intestine - in good health - allows us to eliminate them. Here are the 4 basic food rules that I recommend to apply 1 to 3 times a week to prepare our body for the awakening of Spring:

  1. Before the main meal eat a generous portion of raw vegetables, preferably green salad or dark green leafy vegetables - for example raw black cabbage cut into thin strips, dandelions, red beet leaves and fresh spinach, to add to a mixed salad.
  2. Drink frequently throughout the day, especially in small sips. Better if a water flavored with cucumber, mint and a drop of lemon. Vegetable smoothies and extracts are very useful, to be drunk fresh and between meals to avoid fermentations - therefore swelling and abdominal pain - and to allow the nutrients to enter the circulation without getting lost in the food bolus. 
  3. Avoid lunch carbohydrates 2 to 3 times a week and always choose low glycemic and cooked al dente carbohydrates.
  4. Choose raw food - avoiding boiling -, preferring raw and sauteed!

These rules aren’t born to atone for overeating sins but to better resume your healthy eating habit, the one that gives us long-term benefits and taste. Without trusting the detox diets that promise last minute miracles!

Benedetta Belli – Probios’ nutritionist