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Plant a cocoa tree in Cameroon with Probios!


On November 21st we celebrate the National Trees Day and their indispensable characteristics that allow the defense and proliferation of life. In addition to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere, the trees help to prevent hydrogeological instability and protect biodiversity.

The importance of trees is evident in everyday life too: they reduce noise pollution, mitigate the wind, give coolness in summer and protect from cold air in winter, which means energy saving for homes. Finally, trees are an irreplaceable and precious source of nutrition: just think of fruit trees.

The protection of forests is one of the most effective and simple way in the fight against climate change: the mere protection of alive trees will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by 7 billion tons per year by 2030: as if 1.5 billion diesel-powered cars suddenly disappeared from the roads! (study conducted by Nature Conservancy).

But besides celebrating them with gratitude, what can we do to help them? This day is definitely an opportunity to rediscover the woods and green areas of your territory and learn to protect them, but maybe even to plant new trees. How? Many initiatives are dedicated to this purpose: most of them start precisely from companies, demonstrating their commitment to protect the environment.

At Probios we have recently inaugurated a project in partnership with Treedom, the only web platform in the world that allows to plant a tree at a distance and follow its growth online. In collaboration with Treedom, we will give away a code to plant a cocoa tree in Cameroon to every user who will spend over than €60 on our e-commerce, with the purpose to create a real...Probios forest!

With the Probios-Treedom project we aim to create sustainable ecosystems and spread job opportunities, training a know-how among local farmers who will personally plant trees in Cameroon. Each tree will be geolocated, photographed and monitored over time.

In this way, local ecosystems will be strengthened in the long term and in the course of their growth they will absorb CO2, naturally generating a benefit for the entire planet.

The Cocoa, chosen for the Cameroonian territory, is an evergreen plant that produces small flowers with five petals, white, green or pink, that sprout directly on the trunk or on the main branches; the luckiest flowers turn into the famous fruits. It's planted for the production of high quality cocoa and to offer local farmers an additional source of income.

It's estimated that by planting a Cocoa in Cameroon tree with our project, you will contribute to the absorption of 55kg of CO2, the same amount needed to inflate 84.615 basketballs!

With Treedom project, we want to turn trees into ambassadors of our brand and our commitment to environmental protection. A Treedom tree can tell the story you believe in and want to share. Each tree in the Probios forest will tell a story of sustainability, commitment and respect for the environment: what about telling it together?